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Fragments – Talk to the Ship

  Every so often I’ll put up fragments of old stuff that didn’t make it into posted stories. The fragment in this post dates from 2009. A lot of these exist from when I was working on Sydney Satterwhite’s backstory from her time on the Pennsylvania, way before I formally posted anything. It doesn’t give …

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Last night the flash drive I was using as a server went wonky. Some file or files got corrupted and Windows kept prompting to fix the file. Like an idiot I had put a program on it that was constantly on and I couldn’t shut it down to fix the problem. So I used the …

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Reconstruction and Other Stuff

Last year the only real work I was going to do on the Intrepid Trek site was to rebuild Sector Gamma (the wiki). Now I feel like I want to redo everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. All of Intrepid Trek and Am I biting off more than I can chew? Yeah, …

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Commentary: “Stand and Wait” (Part 1)

Before I open up the behind-the-scenes commentary of “Stand and Wait”, I’d like to start out with an overview of the Tales of the Storyteller universe in its earliest stages. Falling to the Dark Side The series was called something else. I hesitate to reveal the title because it’s very spoilerish for what I plan …

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After my little trip to the ER yesterday, I’m still pretty sore. The only thing I’ll do this week is go refill some meds. I’m really not of the mind to do any writing. So the piece that I intended to submit to the monthly challenge won’t be ready. Dang.  

What I’m Up To

It looks as if filling my jewelry box has drawn the attention of my long-missing muse. I don’t like making posts like this without having anything officially written down, but maybe this way I can see that there is actually something going on in my brain. First is something I have wanted to do for …

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Brent Spiner is a total nut. 😉 (h/t This Is


Due to sheer laziness, the story I wanted to do for the February challenge won’t be ready. Guh. 😐 I can’t really say I’ve made progress on trying to get a handle on what keeping me from writing. The only thing I found out was that the problem goes back a lot further then I …

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Spread the love. 😀 (h/t

Damage Report

Last year, I didn’t have a working computer for two months. Hurricane Irene came through in August, which took out the electricity for a day and a half. I kept my computer on all the time because if the power cut out for more than an hour, it would take popping the power switch on …

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