What I’m Up To

Just a selection of what I’m working on now:

• A major overhaul of the wiki. I’m updating the software, adding a few features and a good deal of new content.

• I’m considering what to do about The Captain’s Chair. It isn’t dead, and I haven’t lost interest in it. There’s a few things I’m looking at as far as the direction it might take. The ending is particularly vexing. I’ll keep y’all posted.

• Beginning work on two pieces: a entry for the “Decisions, Decisions” challenge at Ad Astra, and one sparked by kes7‘s “Making a Good Impression” weekly prompt. That one might become the fourth chapter to “Into the Inferno”.

• Gathering bits and pieces for a new universe: Star Trek: New Inverness. It’s so new that the few things in place are the system it takes place in and the time period. More news as it gets further along.