Feb 07

What I’m Up To

Just a selection of what I’m working on now:

• A major overhaul of the wiki. I’m updating the software, adding a few features and a good deal of new content.

• I’m considering what to do about The Captain’s Chair. It isn’t dead, and I haven’t lost interest in it. There’s a few things I’m looking at as far as the direction it might take. The ending is particularly vexing. I’ll keep y’all posted.

• Beginning work on two pieces: a entry for the “Decisions, Decisions” challenge at Ad Astra, and one sparked by kes7‘s “Making a Good Impression” weekly prompt. That one might become the fourth chapter to “Into the Inferno”.

• Gathering bits and pieces for a new universe: Star Trek: New Inverness. It’s so new that the few things in place are the system it takes place in and the time period. More news as it gets further along.

  • janetgershensiegel

    Yay, you’ll have a challenge entry! 🙂

  • trekfan

    Sounds like you got a good deal on your plate; looking forward to seeing the challenge entry but especially the new universe, I love me new universes 🙂

  • mirandafave

    New projects always intrigue and interest me. And isn’t it just darn funny how they sometimes can change from their original inception as conceived until when they bear fruit as a finished project. I wish you good luck with it.

    And of course, looking forward to the challenge entry as well as the inspired chapter/piece from the weekly prompt.

  • The blog is looking good.  I’m liking your header image, too. 🙂  Best of Both Worlds?


  • kes7

    Credit where credit is due … the “Making a Good Impression” prompt was MF’s doing, not mine.  🙂