Sovereign of the Stars

I was born of great need.
Sent into the void to face dangers known and unknown.

But I am not alone.
Worked into me are echoes of the past.
Memories of those whose path I follow.

I am a force to be reckoned with.
A presence not to be ignored.
A union of form and function projecting power, motion, and strength.

Some choose to admire me for my appearance.
Do they admire the sword for its beauty?
Do they admire its keenness of edge, the swiftness of its strike?
For I was made to be a weapon.
A warrior.
A champion.

Drawing the line sharp and clear.
This far. No further.

The name I bear is like no other name.
It rests in my care, if only for a short while.
It speaks of courage, devotion, and sacrifice.
The turning back of ignorance and darkness.
I will always strive to bring honor to this name.

I will fly straight into the teeth of battle.
Make a way where there is no way.
Be the last chance for victory, for life.

And when I have given my last, I will pass this name, this duty, to another.
For there will be another, as I follow those who have come before.

I am Sovereign by lineage. Enterprise by heritage.
And my name shall live forever.