Tales of the Storyteller

Tales of the Storyteller

Tales of the Storyteller is a series of stories about (and, sometimes, told by) Sydney Satterwhite, a Starfleet officer with a colorful past and a career full of twists and turns. It follows her from her stint as a lowly Ensign, to her service aboard an infamous starship under a demanding Captain, to her assignment as Captain of her own ship.

Main Series


House Rules – A mini-series of short stories about some of the unofficial house rules of the USS Adirondack. What every crewman and officer needs to know to survive… and stay on the Captain’s good side.

The Captain’s Chair –┬áIn command of the USS Adirondack for less than a day, Captain Sydney Satterwhite runs into aggravating delays, personnel problems, and unfinished family business. Before she leaves port, she’ll have to not only deal with the responsibilities and pressures of her new position, but also face the profound changes taking place within her. An in-progress novel.