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Feb 08

Too Many Times Around The Mountain

I was going to regale you all with a tale of woe, given as pitifully as I could. I was going to tell of the terrible travails of being a writer of 30-plus years and dealing with a persistent demon. I was going to relate all the problems I was having with The Captain’s Chair. …

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Feb 07

What I’m Up To

Just a selection of what I’m working on now: • A major overhaul of the wiki. I’m updating the software, adding a few features and a good deal of new content. • I’m considering what to do about The Captain’s Chair. It isn’t dead, and I haven’t lost interest in it. There’s a few things …

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Feb 06

Oh, Yeah!

Docking Bay #94 is open! Or should I say, is now occupied! No? It’s hard to think of something after you’ve been flipping back and forth between themes, trying to find something that works for you. I decided to keep it simple. Something with a little more substance coming soon.

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